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The world has changed. Today, the focus on disinfection has become paramount to combating the spread of COVID-19. While restaurants and retailers were previously cleaning for aesthetics and health, now they need to be disinfecting for safety. The good news is that plans are already underway to ensure the safety and health of all who visit and work in retail stores, restaurants, and other facilities in preparation for these sites reopening. Leading brands across the restaurant and retail industries, who have been significantly impacted by this nationwide shutdown, are responding quickly to develop a comprehensive disinfection standard.

Are you ready to reopen and stay open? Here are five things you need to do now:

1) Recognize that this is a serious situation in need of a serious solution

As restaurants and retailers have new customers entering their locations daily, disinfection is not a one-and-done solution but a daily regimen that must be adhered to by trained professionals following strict guidelines. Facility and Preservation managers who act now to understand the disinfection needs of the ‘new normal’ will be ahead of the curve.

2) Plan ahead

The time is now to get the right support in place. Make sure you’re working with partners who can deliver services that meet the disinfection demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. Once you’ve established the right partners, have them evaluate your store layout and janitorial processes to create a customized disinfection plan.

3) Trust and verify

A disinfection plan is useless if there isn’t a compliance monitoring system in place to ensure program efficacy. Equip ID’s Disinfection Intelligence solution utilizes NFC tags and a mobile app to create a service validation platform that provides staff and customers with the peace of mind that disinfection services are delivered according to health and safety standards, including GBAC.

4) Don’t overcomplicate things for your janitorial staff and service partners

The success of your disinfection program is also reliant on the ability of your internal and external service partners to adopt your solution quickly and easily. Solutions like Equip ID’s Disinfection Intelligence require minimal training and are as easy to use as Apple or Google Pay.

5) Overcommunicate

Knowing that you’re actively working on a plan to ensure the safety of your locations will mean the world to your management, your staff, and your customers.

Are you ready to reopen? Let us know how your restaurant or retail business is planning to meet the needs of the ‘new normal’.

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