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About Us

Giving facilities a voice

Equip ID addresses the problems of facilities managers and an ever-shrinking labor force of contractors as they struggle to be efficient with their time, reduce equipment downtime and comply with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

Our solution utilizes near-field communication (NFC) tags, placed on mechanical equipment and physical spaces, to give facilities a “voice.”

This Technology Assisted Guidance (T.A.G.) provides critical repair, maintenance, and compliance guidance (such as O.E.M. manuals, wiring diagrams, how-to videos, and regulatory requirements) to field service personnel and facilities managers at the site and equipment level where it’s needed most.

Equip ID is also integral in guiding janitorial compliance required by new state health and safety mandates.

Our background

In 1999, with the simple idea of transforming how facilities management professionals and their commercial contractor partners collaborate, Steven Gottfried built the vision of a cloud-based service automation platform where all participants, regardless of size or technical sophistication, could connect, share information and collaborate efficiently – and all benefit from the experience. He called it ServiceChannel.

Today, ServiceChannel is the leading contractor management platform achieving a dominant position in the global facilities management marketplace used worldwide by hundreds of thousands of locations. More than a million work orders per month, representing billions of dollars annually of repair and maintenance spend, are processed across the platform for customers and contractors, comprising the most extensive data set of its kind anywhere in the world.

In the summer of 2017, Accel, an elite technology VC firm, invested in ServiceChannel, fueling its growth and enabling Steven to realize a highly successful exit. Upon exit, Steven started Equip ID to solve the challenge of giving facilities a ‘voice’ in the repair, maintenance, and compliance conversation by providing field service personnel, facility managers, and owners with critical guidance at the equipment level.

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