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Janitorial Compliance
for Educational Facilities


Equip ID is proud to partner with Intralogic Solutions to empower School Superintendents, Administrators and Staff with proven technology to deliver clean and healthy environments that are safe for all who enter a school. 

It’s time to get smart about health & safety

School Superintendents, Administrators, and Facilities Managers across the country are under pressure to validate that janitorial services are performed regularly and according to operational, health, and safety requirements to ensure staff, students, and parents’ comfort level. 

As most school districts are grappling with tightened budgets, school facilities management faces a significant challenge to deploy a solution that is affordable, transparent, easy to deploy, and compliant with these regulatory requirements.  

But there is some good news.

Equip ID’s TECHNOLOGY ASSISTED GUIDANCE (T.A.G.) helps schools mitigate biorisk and ensure compliance with janitorial mandates, restoring confidence in the cleanliness of educational facilities.

Watch the video to how it works.

The ABC’s of keeping schools clean and safe.

States and municipalities have now mandated that janitorial services adhere to stricter hygiene and sanitization requirements. 

The Equip ID platform uses Near Field Communication (NFC) tags, placed outside classrooms, restrooms, and offices, to track and validate that performed cleaning and disinfection services were on time and in compliance with safety guidelines.

Download the one-pager to see how it works.

“Schools are an irreplaceable part of our lives and our communities. We have come to rely on them to provide essential services that go far beyond traditional academics. Simply put, schools must function for our society to function.” 

Betty Rosa, New York’s Interim Commissioner of Education


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