The Equip ID Solution

What we do

Equip ID is a verification platform that provides peace of mind to business owners, employees, and the public that facilities services are delivered correctly and according to operational, health, and safety requirements.

Why Equip ID has chosen NFC

An essential component of the Equip ID solution is NFC tags. We use these tags to communicate the right information to the right people at the right time.

Near-field communication (NFC) allows the sharing of data – like videos, timestamps, or photos – over a distance of 1​1⁄2 inches between two NFC-enabled devices.

All modern smartphones are equipped with NFC and make secure transactions with tools like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. Since an NFC transaction cannot be duplicated, it’s a clear choice over barcodes or QR codes.

Equipment Inventory Intelligence

Know What Equipment You Have – Everywhere

Get unsurpassed visibility into your mechanical equipment portfolio. Equipment Inventory Intelligence is searchable by manufacturer, model number, serial, location, area serving, photographs, type, and status enabling quick identification of exceptions and deficiencies

  • Searchable by Location, Type, and Status
  • Equipment-Specific Atttributes
  • Equipment-Aggregated Data
  • Equipment Data Integrations
  • Quickly Identify Exceptions and Deficiencies
  • Warranty Information
  • Equipment Data Availability
Compliance Intelligence

Mobile Tools for Compliance Guidance & Assistance

Interactive forms and mobile tools assist site staff, building engineers and field service personnel in complying with AHJ / regulatory agency requirements, health and food safety protocols, cleaning and disinfection protocols, as well as brand guidelines and other management requirements.

  • Owner & Management Maintenance Task Lists
  • Area, asset and equipment-specific instructions and supportive content
  • Guidelines to ensure the proper disinfection of surfaces to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as well as other contagions
  • Service Level Agreement Requirements
  • Insurance Policy Requirements
  • Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) & Regulatory Requirements
    [ex. NFPA, GBAC, Local Fire Dept., Dept. of Buildings, Dept. of Health, OSHA etc.]
  • Interactive Forms & Mobile Tools

Disinfection is our new normal. Companies that used to clean for aesthetics, now also need to be disinfecting for health and safety. Are you ready to reopen?

Get ready to reopen with Disinfection Intelligence

Equipment Intelligence

Empowers Staff, In-House Techs & Field Service Personnel

“At asset” level access to equipment-specific information & supportive content optimizes the inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair process.

Equipment Intelligence includes operating instructions, call avoidance scripts, subject matter expertise, tribal knowledge, notes from the field, OEM manuals, wiring diagrams, and technical specifications.

Providing the right people with the right information at the right time has many benefits:

  • Improves first-time fix rates
  • Increases equipment uptime
  • Equipment Specific
  • Reduces repeat repair visits
  • Upskills the field force
  • Category Specific

Warranty Intelligence

Track Equipment Warranties & Capture Rebates

Manage all equipment under warranty with registration and tracking of assets for visibility on In-service dates, warranty status, and warranty service validation

  • Resupply
  • New Roll Packages
  • Roll Outs
  • Retrofits
  • Relocations

Payment Intelligence

Know What You’re Paying For

Equip ID delivers ‘Proof of Service’ and ‘Proof of Presence’ at the equipment level to provide payment authorization support

  • Budget Assigned to Equipment
  • Digital Wallet Authorizes Payment

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