Welcome Tagnicians

Basic information to help get your EQUIPMENT INTELLIGENCE program up and running quickly

What You Need to Get Started

While tagging can be influenced by variables such as existing equipment lists, building size, trade, and ____, the Equip ID solution simplifies and standardizes the asset tagging process. To begin tagging:

Download the Equip ID App on Your Mobile Device
For the best experience, use a NFC enabled Android or Apple iOS device

Log Into Your Equip ID Account
Logins are created by your account administrator. Need support?

Supply of Equip ID NFC Tags
Our tags library includes many types tailored to their environment

Other useful things to have includes: list of equipment to be tagged, custom vanity decals, portable charger, washcloth, zip-ties, and tag bag

Basic Training Starts Here

Watch this short video and learn how to:

    • Create a new piece of equipment
    • Update an existing equipment profile

    Additional training and support vidoes coming soon. Need support?

Which Types of Equip ID Tags to Use


Equip ID Tag Types

Where to Place Your Equip ID Tags

Recommendations for optimal tag placement:

  • Flat surface of the equipment
  • Surface of equipment is clean – free from moisture, dirt and grease
  • Tag is highly visible
  • Tag can be easily accessed by a mobile device
  • No edges of the tag are ‘hanging off’ of the equipment
  • Tag is not at risk of being damaged when equipment is in motion or other items are in motion, such as tools, gears or doors
  • Avoid placing tags on equipment housing or other areas that are routinely removed during service or repair

Using a Vanity Decal

Vanity decals keep your brand highly visible as well as provide your service contact information. These customized decals are available in two sizes: 3”x3” for round tags and 1.75” x .75” for hanging tags.

Vitralogy Vanity Decal

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